Sales And Customer Service Trends For 2019

Customer Service rate card with excellent, good, average and poor as ratings.

As another year begins, entrepreneurs and marketers can reflect on the success and failure of past strategies. They can see what made a difference and what did not to plan for the present time. After all, hindsight is 20/20. Lessons of the past can help make strategies of the future. But we all know that a business doesn’t take place in a closed environment. It is affected by external factors and trends that occur in technology, policy, etc. To help CXO’s make a better strategy for the upcoming year, we talk about three latest trends in sales and customer service.

The Modern Customer Needs An Adaptable Service

The last few years have made it apparent that even legacy organizations can fail in comparison to startups. Why? Because these fledglings offer the customer:

• A better user experiences
• Faster delivery
• Seamless service
• Personalized product

Mr. Remo of, leaders in POS Software providers, shares his thoughts on customer choices, based on his 12+ years experience. He quotes – “The customer of today has more choices than ever before; they will always opt for those companies that provide more and better. Therefore, adapt your service or product to the modern consumer.”

Human Touch Is Still Irreplaceable

Technology is powerful. We all know it. It helps companies improve. AI makes strategies more informative. Predictive analysis can make or break a plan. While all these statements are correct, there is no technology that can replace the human touch. This especially applies to customer experience and service. There might come a time shortly where AI becomes the game changer; presently it is not so.

A three dimensional representation of Artifical Intelligence and its technology.
Companies need to view technology as something that augments human capability not substitute it. Let technology give you better information, higher insight and perform efficiently on tasks, but limit it to assistance only.

Building Relationships Is Still The Ace Card

Technology is running the lives of consumers and companies, more and more. Algorithms are beings used to understand what the end users want when they need it and how to provide them. Yes, this automation has proven invaluable to businesses, but it can only take a company so far. The need of the hour is still creating a genuine relationship with customers. Think of automation as a fast car and think of your salespeople as the driver. While having a vehicle that can speed up to the required need is important, it is vital that a person controls it.

It is humans who can build and strengthen connections that last for a lifetime. Therefore, ensure that your salespeople talk to the consumer once in a while. A personal touch can take any business all the way to the zenith.

Though many trends can be followed to take a corporation to the next level in 2019, these three ranks are at the top position in the customer service department. Take advantage of them while building your marketing policy for the near future. Incorporate them slowly but undeniably, and you will see positive results soon enough.

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  1. Customer service is an essential part of any process. Without proper customer service, it is not possible to attract customers. Thanks for updating about the latest trends of customer support. Hope the above post would help to improve my business by satisfying my customers.

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